Basketball Coach extraordinaire, Louis Coleman trains his clients to become world class athletes. His character building strategies are legendary and his record proves that this process is invaluable.  His exemplary record includes an impressive 97% college graduate rate.  

The premise of Athletes with Character is to prepare every athlete for a successful future. The process for making this happen is an intricate design that is built on relationships, agreements and the development of life lesson principles.

Every coach from, middle school to the NBA, says that "the game is mental."  The difference between Coach Lou and all those coaches is, Coach Lou teaches the kids what this means. Coach Lou makes it crystal.  He teaches the game’s mental aspects, unlike the other coaches: who only focus on the physical aspects. This is the innovative, perspective that elevates Coach Lou's training to a level of intensity that increases the opportunity for success.  

There’s a lot of coaching going on but very little teaching.” - Coach Lou

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